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Member Participant & Spectator Ethics


2021 - 22  Season



 Section 1.                         INDIANA HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION RULES will be followed (including alternate possession of jump balls) except as noted or modified by these Lake Central Youth Basketball League (hereinafter referred to as LCYB) rules listed below.

 Section 2.                         MEMBER PARTICIPANT & SPECTATOR ETHICS

               A.           The following applies to before, during and after all games sanctioned by LCYB.  It will be against the rules of LCYB for any spectator, coach or player to threaten, harass or intimidate the Basketball Officials (Referees, Scorekeepers, Board members) in any way (in sight of or in earshot of the Officials).  Failure to comply with this rule could mean immediate expulsion from the game and building, and/or loss of the game by judgment of the LCYB Board.  Any physical contact with a Basketball Official will result in action by the LCYB Board.

               B.           Fighting, verbally or physically, between spectators, coaches, players (in any combination) will NOT be tolerated by LCYB.  Failure to comply with this rule will mean immediate expulsion from the game and a minimum suspension of the next scheduled game.  Further action will be reviewed by the LCYB Board.

               C.           A parent that is assessed a technical foul and removed from the gym will be notified, verbally or in writing, to appear before the LCYB Board or Executive Board.  If that parent does not appear, the child is suspended from games and practice until the parent(s) comply.

               D.           Any team, player or spectator suspected of vandalizing, defacing or causing a dangerous situation (i.e. dialing 911, false alarms, possible damage to school property, etc)  will be subject to suspension.  All suspensions will be ruled on by the Executive Board. Any team and/or individual can be suspended without definitive proof.  Individuals can be held responsible for payment of any and all repairs, fees and/or fines assessed.  All vandalism and/or destruction of property will be turned over to the Lake Central School Corporation and/or other proper authorities. 

 Section 3.                         SMOKING AND DRINKING

               Alcoholic beverages will NOT be allowed on school property at any time.  Other beverages and food will not be allowed in the gyms.  Lake Central School Corporation policy states NO SMOKING on school grounds.  All violators will be asked to leave the premises.

 Section 4.                         SUPERVISION OF CHILDREN

               All children viewing games and/or practices must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.  There are to be no children, unsupervised, in the hallways or bathrooms, of the schools, during games and/or practices.  All unsupervised children will be made to leave the building.

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