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Lake Central Youth Basketball

Registration Notes

To follow is Basic REGISTRATION INFORMATION  and Individual GRADE DI

Lake Central Youth Basketball  2019-2020 

A NonProfit Basketball Organization with dedicated Volunteers to the Youth in our Community            
                                                                                                                      All dates are subject to change without notice.

We will post notices throughout the season on our Website.  We do ask that all registration questions, or other concerns, be emailed directly to LCYB Secretary or other Executive Board Member.  We will not answer questions about individuals or circumstances on social media.  We ask that everyone be considerate and be positive in their postings to/on Social Media… is not a complaint department.


Walk-In registration  @ Grimmer Middle School -  for those who DID NOT play last year:       
     Sat. Sept 7th-  10:00am- 12:00.  -AND-    Tues. Sept 17th – 5:30-8:30.
                Cash or Checks only. NO credit cards

ONLINE REGISTRATION is open!    Closes 9/14/19

o   Proof of address and grade required at time of registration for new players

o   NEW* players (3rd grade and older) MUST BE PRESENT FOR EVALUATION OF SKILLS.    *A new player is one who DID NOT play last season.  

Ø  Online registration for returning players… Opens 7/5/19 with varying close dates depending on grade division. (See individual grades below) Returning players are those who DID play last season.

Ø  Registration Fee:  $170 for the first child; $150 for each additional child  (not including 1st grade).  Children must be registered in their current grade level.  THERE ARE NO REFUNDS

Ø  LCYB is operated by all VOLUNTEERS- Board Members and Coaches.  Please be respectful.  Always display Good Sportsmanship, Positive Mental Attitudes.

Ø  LCYB is NOT a part of and is NOT governed by Lake Central School Corporation; therefore, LC Schools WILL NOT have information regarding LCYB.

Ø  Grades 2-6 have 1 game per week.              Grades 7-12 play Saturdays and/or Sundays.

Ø  You may chose ONE day or TIME of day that your child CANNOT practice.  We will accommodate sibling requests, within the same grade division, if notified. Any requests must be received, via email, by LCYB Secretary NOT less than 72 hours prior to drafting of teams.  We are unable to honor any registration changes less than 72 hours prior to the drafting of teams.  Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate any other requests such as  car pool or friend or cousin or town or school choice, etc.

Ø  All teams have 1 hour practice per week – Based on GYM Availability; and will not be rescheduled, if cancelled.  School functions take priority over LCYB practice.  If school(s) are closed- No practice, No games.  If schools close early- No practice.  Check the website daily; especially, the day of your practice for any updates.  Practices do not start before 5pm

Ø  Participants do not have to be students of; but are to reside within the geographical boundaries of, the Lake Central School Corporation with the exception of the Girls Divisions

Ø  Players must wear LCYB league-issued uniform (Jersey and shorts) for all games. Players may wear a white, sleeveless shirt under the jersey. Without proper uniform, he/she may not play in any game.

Ø  There are no refunds; however, if you feel you must request a refund, the request must be received, via email, by the LCYB Secretary not less than 72 hours prior to the drafting of teams and must contain the reason for your refund request.  The LCYB Executive Board will consider your request.

2nd Grade, Co-Ed:        Practice on Fridays start the week of October 7th.  Games are on Sundays, beginning November and ending late February.  No skills evaluation needed.  Registration closes 9/14/19.           Teams to be drafted 9/24/19.

Girls- 3rd/4th & 5th/6th grades:        Practice starts the week of October 7th.  Games are on Sundays, beginning November and ending early March.  Registration closes 9/14/19.                                            Teams to be drafted 9/24/19.

Boys- 3rd/4th &  5th/6th grades:        Practice starts the week of October 7th.  Games are on Saturdays beginning November and ending early March.  Registration closes 9/14/19.                                             Teams to be drafted 9/24/19.

Girls- 7th-12th grade:       Practice starts week of October 29th. Games are on Saturdays and/or Sundays beginning November and end mid-December.  Registration closes 10/18/19.                                    Teams to be drafted 10/23/19.

Boys- 7th/8th grade:        Practice starts week of October 29th. Games are on Saturdays and/or Sundays beginning November and end late January/early February.  Registration closes 10/18/19.                Teams to be drafted 10/23/19.

If you register your son/daughter for LCYB and he/she makes a LC Jr or HS School Team, a refund will be made as long as you notify, via email, the LCYB Secretary within 24 hours of the school team being chosen.  He/She is not permitted to participate with LCYB if he/she makes a school basketball team.
LCYB is NOT a part of LC Schools and; therefore, LCYB DOES NOT know who makes any School team

Boys- 9th/10th  & 11th/12th grade:   Practice starts week of January 6th. Games are on Saturdays and Sundays beginning January and ends late February/early March.  Registration closes 12/27/19.                   Teams to be drafted 1/2/20.

PEE WEE-  1ST Grade & Kindergarten:             $70 fee.  Six 1-hour class/clinic instructions on Fridays.  Includes a t-shirt and basketball. Concentration on skills of dribbling, passing, shooting, defense. 2 Sessions to choose from… Fall begins October 11 -or- Winter begins January 10.  Classes are limited in number of participants; 1st come, 1st serve.      No skills evaluation needed.         NO REFUNDS. NO DISCOUNTS

Registration for Fall session is up to the first 50 until 9/14/19.  Registration for the Winter Session is the second 50 up to 12/23/19.


Please visit our website to register online.  If you did not play last season, the participant MUST be present at Walk-In registration for a skills evaluation… grades 3-12. 

Special notices will be posted on our website.  You will also find other additional information, contact information, cancelled practice information, schedules, playing rules, ethics & code of conduct for ALL, etc

E-MAIL CONTACT, LCYB SECRETARY:       [email protected]

                     Twitter:    @ LCYB219                          Facebook:    Lake Central Youth Basketball

LCYB IS NOT A PART OF LC SCHOOLS.   Therefore -- LCYB & its participants are not permitted to use ANYTHING that belongs to the schools; such as chairs, desks, portable basketball equipment, gym mats, equipment on the walls or on the stages, etc.  If it belongs to the school ...  Please DO NOT USE.   

DO NOT ENTER areas, in the schools, other than the Gyms.  We rent the gyms & basketball rims- ONLY.

We could lose the right to rent the gyms.       Parents are not permitted to leave children unattended.                   

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Lake Central Youth Basketball

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